Point and Click FTP

FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) is a common method of transferring files to and from servers across the internet or any other network that uses TCP/IP. Just about all operating systems now come with an ftp program that allows you to type in ftp commands to perform file transfers. Using a command line program such as is usually provided requires that you learn the various FTP commands in order to be able to carry out your file transfers.

There is an easier way to carry out your file transfers using FTP that doesn't require you to learn all of those commands in order to be able to carry out these simple tasks. Quite a number of different companies and individuals have now produced FTP programs that make use of the Graphical User Interface on your computer to simplify the task of transferring files. Most of these (once you have connected to the remote server) will display two lists of files, one from your own computer and one from the remote server. Usually there are also a series of buttons that allow you to move between folders/directories on each computer and to transfer selected files in one direction or the other. To use these programs to upload files all that you usually need to do is to swap to the right folder that contains your files to be uploaded, select the files to be uploaded, and then click on the button to transfer the files.

Many of these graphical FTP programs are available for download from the internet either free or for a small charge. The following are links to a few of the ones that I found via a quick search.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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