When I first came across a reference to this program it looked very promising. The program apparently makes web locations that you would normally have to access via FTP appear as if they were drives on other computers of a local network. This would make things much easier to allow files to be transferred to the several different web locations corresponding to the different web sites that I look after. I downloaded the program and started the install.

The first install attempt aborted with a message saying that administrator access is required to install the program but that any user would have access to use it once installed. Fair enough, I am not really all that keen on programs that require administrator access to install (because of what else the install program could potentially do to a system) but at least this one let you know that it could be run from user accounts once installed.

I switched to my administrator account and restarted the install. This time the install proceeded for some time and then a message came up saying that the program had determined that ZoneAlarm was running on the system. The program then advised that in order for the program to function I would need to lower the security of the internet zone from high to medium.

Alarm Bells - POTENTIAL TROJAN ALERT - There are only two reasons why a program would want to get you to change your settings like this is. Either the programmer doesn't care enough about your system security to work out the correct settings required in a firewall such as ZoneAlarm to allow that program (and that program only) the required access without compromising your system security for anything else or it has been done deliberately to allow access past your security for who knows what sinister purpose.

I actually suspect that the first of these is the more likely and that the person who wrote this program simply doesn't care enough about computer security to ensure that appropriate instructions on the changes required to firewall settings were worked out and included in the program. Who knows what other holes that the program may contain security-wise.

I for one am not prepared to take any chances on the security of my computer. A program such as WebDrive would be a really useful one for me to have on my system. If anyone knows of any other programs that provide such internet access please let me know so that I can investigate them.

WebDrive was of course immediately uninstalled from my system, all related files deleted, and a spyware scan run immediately to ensure that there wasn't anything nasty installed along with the program.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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