Peer to Peer

  1. Attaching an OS/2 PC to a Windows Network
    How to network OS/2 PCs with computers running other operating systems.
  2. Installing a Printer
    How to access a printer attached to a different computer on the network.
  3. Sharing Drives and Folders with Windows
    How to share files on a peer to peer network
  4. Setting up User Accounts on Windows NT
    Configuring users in Windows NT for access across a network.
  5. Linux on a Windows Network
    Configuring SAMBA so a Linux machine can work on a windows network
  6. Accessing Different Operating Systems
    How to access Windows 2000/XP from Windows 98.
  7. Only One Way
    Why networking may only allow communication in one direction between two computers.
  8. Ping Responses
    What is the difference between a timeout and an unreachable host?
  9. Larger Networks
    How to configure the IP addresses for both public and private network computers.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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