1. Basic FTP Commands
    The basic commands that you use with command line ftp.
  2. Point and Click FTP
    Using a graphical ftp program to simplify your file transfers.
  3. Copying Files with WS-FTP
    How to use WS-FTP to transfer files.
  4. FTP with Internet Explorer
    How to use Internet Explorer to transfer files.
  5. FTPing to or from a Mainframe GDG
    How to access a generation data group with ftp.
  6. FTPing Variable Data to Fixed Length Records
    How to convert a file format during a file transfer with ftp.
  7. FTPing the most Recent Changes
    Finding the latest files to be copied with WS-FTP.
  8. Web Drive
    A potentially useful concept that has been implemented the wrong way.
  9. FileZilla
    How to configure this common FTP program so that you can connect to your site with a single click.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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