1. Mainframe Parameter Reference
    A list of all of the XCOM parameters you can use use on the mainframe
  2. Operating Systems Supported by XCOM
    A list of the operating systems XCOM can be run on.
  3. Testing if the Transmission was Successful
    You need to be told if the transmission fails.
  4. Executing a Remote Batch File
    How can you run a batch file on the remote computer via XCOM.
  5. Transmitting VSAM Files
    You can transmit to VSAM files using XCOM.
  6. Error Message Codes
    How to interpret XCOM error codes.
  7. File Options
    Create, replace, or append to the destination file.
  8. Multiple Transfers
    Performing multiple file transfers in one transmission.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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