The Difference Between Characters and Strings

Question: I am writing a program in C that asks for a one character answer from the user. The code I am writing is:

 char x;
printf("Enter answer:(y/n)\n");
if (x == "y") {printf("you answered yes\n"); }

The compiler gives me an error about comparison between a variable and a pointer. Is there something I'm missing?

Answer: The if statement should read:

 if (x == 'y') 

You need to specify a single character in single quotes. "y" is a character string of two characters - the 'y' followed by the null character that C and C++ always use to terminate strings. A character string such as "y" is accessed via a pointer to the start of the string rather than being accessed directly the way that a single character field would be and this is the cause of the error message that you are receiving.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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