C++ Programming

C++ Programming

A good introduction to C++ programming for people with little or no prior programming experience.

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This book uses a somewhat different approach to teaching C++ from that of many other similar books on C++. Instead of teaching C first (or assuming a knowledge of C) and then teaching how C++ differs from C this book teaches just C++. As such the book introduces many of the much simpler C++ constructs right from the start and saves the novice programmer from having to learn the more complex C equivalents. Where necessary code is included too early in the book to allow the reader to understand a full description of what it means, a brief explanation of what the code is provided at that point and the statement is then covered in more detail later in the book when that explanation is better able to be understood.

The way in which the material is presented in this book enables the book to serve both as a series of tutorials for the beginner to work through step by step in order to learn the basics of the C++ language and also as a reference for those who have already learned the basics and just need to remind themselves of the syntax of a particular piece of code.

This book is extremely well focused and doesn't try to cover anything except the core C++ language. Where it perhaps does fall down is that it doesn't even mention any of those areas of programming that the book doesn't cover (apart from the standard library) which may leave the novice with the idea that those topics covered in the book are all that there is to the C++ language.

Brief descriptions of structured programming, object oriented programming, and generic programming are provided and the book demonstrates good coding techniques for each of these programming styles as well as occasional examples of what not to do. The primary emphesis of the book is on learning to write code that is both easy to maintain and which can be reused in your future programming projects.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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