Internet Explorer Duplicating Character Bug

There are many different ways in which Internet Explorer 6 does not function correctly. One of these involves where you have a combination of floats and hidden items or comments. When this combination occurs IE6 may start displaying some of the floated content in duplicate underneath the floats (usually about two characters will be duplicated for each hidden field or comment included with the floats.

There are a couple of ways of resolving the problem where you end up with IE6 duplicating your content like this.

One way to do it if it is practical would be to move the hidden fields so that they are not mixed in with the floats or to remove the comments.

Another way would be to add an additional floated field to the end of your floats that is at least three pixels narrower than the width of the container in which the fields are floated.

Another possibility is to make the container three pixels wider than the content.

Finally, and perhaps the simplest way, is to add a negative three pixel margin to the side of the container on the opposite side to that toward which the fields are floated.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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