Font Controls

There are a number of attributes that you can use in stylesheets to set up how text is displayed.

Alternatively all of the above can be included into one font attribute by specifying them in the order font-style, font-variant, font-weight, font-size / lineheight, font-family with each separated by spaces from the others. Not all attributes need be included.

The font can also be defined as caption, icon, menu, message-box, small-caption, or statur-bar if you want to use the same font format as for that component of the operating system that the browser is running on.

Length can be specified in a number of different ways:


.head {font-family:georgia,serif;font-weight:normal;font-size:7pt;}
.drop {font-weight: 800; font-size:300%;
font-family: times, "times new roman",serif;}
h1{font:bold 14px/16px verdana,arial,sans-serif;}


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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