The CSS Anthology

This is a book full of solutions to common CSS problems. If you are not a CSS expert then you need this book on your shelf for those times when you strike a problem with your CSS and need ideas.

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This is an extremely useful "reference" book for anyone who already has at least a basic knowledge of CSS. It isn't a reference to CSS commands though, it is a reference to CSS problems and their solutions. Broken up into chapters covering Text Styling,Images, Navigation, Tabular Data, Forms, Cross Browser Techniques, Accessibility, and Positioning, this book provides a practical guide to resolving all of the most common problems confronting anyone with an intermediate level of CSS knowledge. You don't have to remember all the tips and tricks to using CSS because you can easily find the answers to all the more common problems in this book.

I can think of a few more advanced problems where the CSS solutions are not found in the book but you'd need the book to be many times the size that it is if it were to try to provide all the answers to people's CSS problems and many of the problems that are not covered would only occur rarely. The book deals with this in the most appropriate way by providing advice on how to track down solutions to the problems that the book doesn't cover in addition to all of the detailed solutions that the book contains.

The book deals with the CSS that browsers currently support with the current edition having been updated to make sure that it correctly covers the latest browsers. Since the latest version of all browsers now effectively cover all of CSS 2.1 the current edition will continue to be useful as the older browsers for which it supplies workarounds are slowly phased out.

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