Art and Science of CSS

This book covers how to do seven specific tasks using CSS and it covers each task thoroughly. Thes particular tasks are some of those that are not so easy to do with CSS but which are very commonly wanted making this an extremely useful book to have.

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Unlike the other books on CSS this one doesn't try to teach you all of the commands that you can use in your CSS. Instead it concentrates on how to use CSS to perform several extremely useful tasks.

The Chapters in this book are Headings, Images, Backgrounds, Navigation, Forms, Rounded Corners, and Tables. The book goes into specific details as to exactly how to style those particular parts of your web page using CSS. Each particular task is covered thoroughly with several different alternatives covered in some cases.

This is very much a book for people who want to use CSS to achieve things on their web page that cannot be done easily in other ways. You will not learn all of the CSS commands from this book but you will learn many of them in the context of how they can be usefully applied.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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