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If it weren't for the occasional IE7 references in this book I would have said that it was quite a few years old. The codes presented in this book will get the job done but are not necessarily the best way to achieve it. This is a book badly in need of updating for recent (and not so recent) browser releases.

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For the modern web page designer, using CSS to design their web pages is essential. Unfortunately the different browsers vary in their support for the CSS standards. Also when it comes to positioning things on the page there are a number of things that the commonly supported CSS commands cannot do quite as easily as many would like. Just occasionally an experienced CSS user will strike a problem in their page setup that they don't know how to solve easily. This is the time that they will get their copy of CSS Cookbook down off the shelf and look up how to get the job done.

Many of the solutions presented in the book may not be the best way of achieving a given effect but they are ways that work. When you need a quick fix this book will probably provide you with one.

This book is not for CSS beginners and not for experienced CSS designers who want to code things the right way but if you are just looking for a quick patch that can be applied then this book is full of them.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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