CSS - The Definitive Guide

Eric Meyer is the acknowledged master of cascading stylesheets and this book is a clear example of some of the reasons why. An excellent book that thoroughly covers the subject of swhat CSS properties there are and what they do.

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Unlike the HTML definitive guide (which covers proprietary and obsolete tags) this book limits itself to the standards - more specifically to the particular level of standards that most current web browsers actually support. The book also clearly identifies which particular standards that the particular properties and attributes apply to as many poorly supported attributes were dropped from the CSS 2.1 standard.

This isn't a book that tells you about proprietary CSS properties that only work in the particular browser that they were created for (and which will stop your stylesheet from validating). It also isn't so useful when it comes to how to solve particular problems using CSS (you will need to find a second CSS book for that so maybe the "definitive" in the book title isn't quite accurate).

Whether you are a beginner just starting to learn CSS or a CSS guru, this book is the useful reference to all of the standard css properties that you can turn to when you need to figure out just exactly what a given property or attribute does.

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