The Ultimate CSS Reference

I have never been all that inclined to believe anything that claims to be the ultimate anything but this book comes so close to fulfilling that promise that I will have to reconsider that view. This CSS Reference makes waste paper of all the rest.

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The authors of this book have an in depth knowledge of Cascading StyleSheets that few others could match. I already knew that much about them from the answers that they were providing to people on the SitePoint forums. What I was wondering though was how that would be reflected in a reference book. The answer surprised me because this book is just about the easiest to use computer book that I have come across.

This book extremely well organised so as to make it easy to find out exactly what you need to know relating to CSS. It is complete in that all of the code that can be used with current (and some not so current) browsers is fully covered.

Not only is every aspect of CSS covered in depth but the book also gives useful advise as to which things that it covers that you should avoid using. Where other CSS books might omit the garbage codes that you should never use leading many to believe that the book just left out some of the commands, this book lists those as well and then tells you not to use them.

With this book on stylesheets on your bookshelf you have that subject fully covered.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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