Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong

This is a book for those planning for the future with respect to web design. Those wanting to get ahead of everyone else in the way that they do their design will need the information this book provides.

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This book is perhaps a little ahead of its time since the major part of the book is taken up with describing how to do web page layouts really simply using CSS tables - something which is supported by all the major browsers including the as yet unreleased IE8 but which is not supported by earlier versions of IE. The book does however suggest not just one but three different solutions to that one of which is practical now (but means you increase the amount of work involved in setting up the page in order to make things simpler later), the second of which will be practical once a reasonable number of IE users upgrade to IE8 or switch to a different browser (probably in a year or two's time) and the third of which isn't really going to be practical until IE7 usage falls to the point where those users are such an insignificant percentage that we'll be as concerned about them as we are about IE5 users now.

The material that this book covers is the future of CSS and the book quite clearly points out the reasons why we should be looking to start using the techniques that the book presents now rather than our becoming the ones lagging behind after complaining about how far IE has lagged behind in recent years. The biggest problem with the book though is that its focus is extremely narrow dealing only with one small aspect of CSS that will finally be supported by the latest version of all the major browsers once IE8 is released and then mentioning a few of the proposed changes that are even further into the future as a teaser at the end of the book (which does serve the purpose of showing how CSS is still only part way through its development process and that further changes to how we use it are on the horizon). The focus of the book seems just too narrow for it to seem like a book and the material would have probably worked better as chapters within a larger book that also covered other aspects of CSS. That said, it does cover the one aspect of CSS that it deals with extremely thoroughly answering all the questions about how to use the CSS table commands to do any imaginable table layout.

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