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A step by step guide to the debugging process that is completely language independent. A must have book for anyone writing programs.

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This book is an excellent step by step guide to the entire debugging process. It not only includes all the steps that should be carried out as a part of the debugging process, it also covers them in the book in the exaact same order in which they need to be carried out, it makes suggestions as to various ways to carry out each step, and warnings as to what can happen if you don't work through the steps sufficiently thoroughly. The book also makes it clear how debugging is an integral part of the program development process and the sorts of problems that deferring debugging to the end of the development process can cause.

If there is one area where the book falls short it is that it concentrates more on how debugging fits with program development and doesn;'t go into as much detail as it could on the relationship between debugging and testing (although this was probably more noticable for me as I had just finished reviewing a book on testing before starting on this one on debugging and so had testing fresh in my mind).

This is one book that all development programmers would benefit greatly from but one which many of them will overlook due to their having a mistaken preconception of what debugging is all about.

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