Designing Web Navigation

Loads of practical and usefula information to help you to work out appropriate navigation to include on your web site.

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This is not a book on how to implement any of the possible navigation methods that could be applied to your web site. The author makes that clear right from the start. Instead the book takes the step back from that which many web site creators fail to do and looks at the actual purpose of navigation and how to design the navigation for your web site so as to make it as effective at fullfilling that purpose as possible.

There are lots of colour pictures in the book too. These illustrate real web pages of various sorts so as to show how effective or ineffective different approaches can be to different types of sites.

The book covers all of the obvious and some of the not so obvious aspects of web navigation. The book is divided into three parts covering foundations of navigation, framework for navigation design, and navigation in special contexts. The first of these looks at the purpose of navigation, mechanisms for navigation types of navigation and labelling. The second part walks you step by step through the actual analysis and design process. The final part covers some additional aspects of navigation that are particularly relevant to the more interactive web sites that are starting to appear.

Just about anyone involved in creating a web site can benefit from the information in this book. At the very least they will be able to confirm that their current navigation system is working or not working. All the book really needs is a companion volume covering how to implement the navigation once you have designed it.

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