Designing Web Interfaces

Web pages are more interactive now than ever before and how the interfaces work will either make it much easier or much harder for visitors. This book discusses many of the possible ways that interfaces can be built and the way to implement them so as to enhance your visitor's experience rather than hindering them.

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This book works its way step by step through the principles of good interface design and how to use it with the web. While there is some overlap between the six principles covered this approach provides an wasy to follow structure to the book. The many relevant examples from real web sites and the discussions on when the various approaches should be used should enable any web designer to specify the most appropriate interfaces that should be incorporated into each web page where user interaction is allowed so as to provide the most user friendly approach.

In every case both the issue of the interface being too well hidden and the opposite issue of the page becoming too cluttered are covered allowing an appropriate choice to be made based on the specific requirements of the site. There is also discussion of how much feedback the interface needs to provide so that the user knows that what they did has been accepted without interfering with what they want to do next.

The only area of web interfaces that the book doesn't cover is how to actually implement each of the interfaces that the book describes. That is well beyond the scope of the book though and for sites developed by a team would be the responsibility of different people to those who are the target audience for this book.

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