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Privacy Statement

Felgall Pty Ltd affirm that any information supplied by yourself via the use of any of the email forms that can be found on this site (or directly to us via email) will be used only for the purpose for which the information was supplied. Such information collected by us will not be made available to any third party. In particular your email address will only be used to send copies of our monthly newsletter (if you subscribe to that service) and to reply to any queries or requests for quotes that we receive from you. Any questions asked via the "Ask Felgall" form may also be used as the basis of one of our help pages as indicated on that submission page.

Use of the guestmap will result in the information you provide being immediately displayed on our site. If you don't want your email address or web site URL to be displayed on our site then please don't enter them.

Any feedback that you send via our "Your Comments" page may, as indicated on that page, be published on our testimonials page (including your email address and web site link if you include them).

Provided that you give your permission when submitting your question via the "Ask Felgall" form, any question that we do not have time to answer or are unable to answer may be posted on our Question Forum to allow other visitors to our site the opportunity to answer it for you. Answers entered there will be emailed directly to the person who asked the original question along with a copy of the original question so that they can remember what they asked. While an email address is required in order for the replies to be sent, that email address will not be published on our site, it will be added after the reply is submitted. Answers provided on the Question Forum may also be used as a basis of one of our help pages as indicated on that submission page.

Third Party Privacy

Third party advertisers whose ads are displayed on this site may save a third party cookie on your computer for tracking purposes. Should you not wish this tracking to occur we recommend that you turn off third party cookies in your browser. Note that we have opted out of Google's interest based advertising in order to assist you as far as possible in minimising Google's ability to track your web use through their cookies.


The information provided on this website is provided as a free service to anyone who is searching for information about computers. The information provided is based on our long experience with computers and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

While every effort is made to ensure that the information on this site is correct, Felgall Pty Ltd makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information provided and accepts no responsibility for anything that happens to your system as a result of your use of this information.

The various software products and operating systems that are covered on this web site have been produced in numerous versions each of which works slightly differently. While we have access to at least one version of each of the products covered on this site and have tested that the information given on this site works with the versions of the software that we have available, we cannot guarantee that the given instructions will work in the way described with different versions of the same software. Additionally, the exact way that you have your computer configured may also lead to files referred to in the instructions being in a different location from that described or may otherwise impact your ability to do as we describe. In most cases other versions of the software and other computer configurations should provide the same functionality as described although the exact commands required to implement that functionality may vary.

The various versions of Windows NT (3.1, 4, 2000, XP) have each been progressively less friendly to residing on a computer alongside other non-Microsoft operating systems. Information provided on this web site relating to dual and multi-booting of operating systems may therefore not work when one of the later versions of this operating system is one of those to be included on the system.

Should you find any inaccurate or incorrect information on this site, please let us know so that we can correct it.


All pages and utilities provided on this site are subject to copyright. You are welcome to make use of the information provided by this site and to provide links to the pages on this site, but direct copying of this information is not permitted. All pages and utilities copyright Felgall Pty Ltd except where otherwise indicated.

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