Undeleting All Files of a Specific Size

Question: In Windows 98, how do I undelete all of the files that are 93k in size?

Answer: First open the Recycle Bin and select details from the View menu. Next go back into the View menu and click on arrange Icons then on by size in the sub-menu that appeared when you clicked on arrange icons. This displays all of the files in the recycle bin in size order.

To be able to see the size column in the display, you may need to make the Recycle Bin window wider (click on the right edge and drag right) or make some of the other columns narrower (click on the right edge of one of the column headings and drag left, repeat for other columns if required).

Once you can see the size column scroll down to find the first entry of the size that you want to undelete (in this case 93k). Click on the first 93k file to select it. Continue to scroll down to find the last entry that is 93k in size. Hold down the shift key and click on that entry. All of the files between the first and second files clicked (ie. all of the 93k files) will now be selected. All that is left to be done is to select restore from the File menu to restore all of the selected files.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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