Locking Your Desktop

Do you occasionally let someone else use your computer? After they have finished with it do you sometimes find that they have rearranged your desktop and you then have to spend time to put everything back the way that you like it?

Well if you are running Windows 98/SE/ME then you can fix this with a minor edit of the registry to update or add an entry that tells Windows to lock your desktop so that the content cannot be rearranged.

Click the Start button and select Run. Type in Regedit to start the registry editor.

Now you need to go to


Open this last and look for an entry called NoSaveSettings. If the entry doesn't exist then create it by selecting Edit then New then DWORD from the menu and typing NoSaveSettings for the name of the new field.

You now need to change the associated value of this field to 1. You can do this by selecting Edit then Modify from the menu.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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