Reducing the Width of your Scrollbars

If you are using a low screen resolution such as 640x480 then you will often have scrollbars showing on your screen and these scrollbars will appear rather wide. Even if you are running a much higher resolution you may decide that the scrollbars are wider than you need (particularly if you are using a large screen where even larger resolutions look rather big). By reducing the width of your scrollbars you can give yourself fractionally more screen area for viewing useful information.

To change your scrollbar width you first right click on the desktop and select properties from the context menu. You then need to click on the Appearance tab since changing the scrollbar width is changing the appearance of your screen.

In this window you will see a sample of dummy windows that show you how your active and inactive windows appear. One of these dummy windows shows a scrollbar and the easiest way to update your scrollbar is to click on that. Alternatively select Scrollbar from the Item list.

Next to the item field you will see a Size field and with scrollbar selected this field will contain the current width of your scrollbars (the default is 18). All that you need to do is to change this value to what you want to use for your scrollbar width and then press the Apply button and all of your scrollbars will automatically be resized to the width that you specify. If you find the selected size to be too narrow just enter a bigger number and press Apply again until you find a width that suits you.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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