Getting rid of the Password Screen

If you are running a single user stand alone home PC and you are not worried about security (which you wont be if you are running windows rather than windows nt/2000, os/2, or Linux) then the password screen may not be all that useful to you so you might as well not have it there.

If you have just set up your system and the password screen has just displayed for the first time, then by NOT entering a password and pressing enter, you can make it go away never to return.

If you have already set a password then it is not quite so simple to make the password screen go away but it is still not all that difficult. First, check in Network Neighbourhood and make sure that your logon type is set to Windows Logon. You can do this by right clicking the Network Neighbourhood icon, choose properties, and then click the Configuration tab.

Next you need to access the Control Panel and open the Passwords facility. Click on the Change Password tab and choose Change Windows Password. Enter your old password and leave new password and confirm new password blank.

You are now finished. The next time that you start windows, you will not be asked to enter a password.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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