Hard Disk Size

Question: I am using windows 98SE and I want to upgrade my hard disk what maximum gigabyte can I use?
Mike Nwanah

Answer: The maximum hard drive size you can use is determined by which version of the IDE interface your motherboard uses and which version of the BIOS you have. If necessary you can replace the IDE interface on the motherboard with an IDE card and get support for a drive that is too big for your motherboard to directly support.

The maximum size of a partition on the drive is determined by the file system you install. Fat16 supports 2Gb partitions, Fat32 supports 2Tb partitions (thats 2048Gb) but operating systems usually limit the size as the file system becomes very inefficient at larger sizes. NTFS (which comes with the various versions of NT) does not have a maximum limit.

If the drive you choose is too big for the partition size that the operating system supports you can always partition the drive into several sections and treat it as if it were multiple drives.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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