Moving "My Documents"

Moving the "My Documents" folder from the C: drive to a different drive and/or renaming the folder to something different is not as straightforward as renaming or moving any other folder on a Windows system but it is not that much more complicated either.

The first step is to create the new folder that you want to use in place of "C:\My Documents".

The next step is to right click on the "C:\My Documents" folder on the desktop and change the target folder location to point to the new folder that you set up. Select the OK button once you have made the change.

Next you need to move the content of "C:\My Documents" (which you will now have to access via the C drive in "My Computer") to the new folder (which you can access via "My Documents" on the desktop).

The final step is to delete "My Documents" from the C drive to avoid confusion.

As all Microsoft products as well as many third party products us the target address attached to the "My Documents" shortcut on the desktop as the location where documents are to be stored most of your programs should now use the replacement folder as the default folder location. For those programs that don't you can try updating the default data folder and see if that rectifies the problem.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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