Turning off Floppy Drive Search

For some reason windows is configured by default to search for new floppy drives each time you start your computer. Since most users only have the one drive that is installed when the computer is first built and never acquire additional floppy drives, searching for new drives at each boot is a rather useless and time wasting thing to do so we are better off turning it off.

To turn off the search right click on My Computer and select Properties from the menu. When the System Properties dialog box appears select the Performance tab. and then the File System button at the bottom left. This will display the File System Properties dialog.

Next select the Floppy Drive tab. Here you will find a check box labelled Search for new floppy disk drives each time your computer starts. Simply uncheck this box and then click either OK or Apply at the bottom of the dialog box.

Now that you have done this your computer should now boot slightly faster since Windows will no longer look to see if you have added a second (or third) floppy drive to your system since you last used it.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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