Change the Default Entry in the Context Menu

Question: I would be grateful to you if you could tell me how I can modify the right click menu options of the C:\ drive. That is, when I right click the C: drive icon ... different menu options include "search" option on top and then "open" option on second number. I want to bring "open" option on the top.

This appears to be a little problem but it is very irritating because whenever you double click the drive to open it, the search window appears...

Answer: You can't change the order but you can change which option is the default. To do this go into My Documents and from the View menu at the top of the window select Options. (or if you are using Windows XP from the Tools menu select Folder Options)

In the dialog box that appears click on the view tab then scroll down the registered file types to find Drive. You need to select this and then Edit.

The Actions list should show those options from the right click (context) menu that can be altered. Select the one that you want to be the default action and then select Set Default. This will change the default action to the option that you selected.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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