There are a lot of different ways to print something from within Windows. Quite possibly you are only aware of one or two ways to print and occasionally run int difficulties when those one or two options are not available. We'll go through all of the alternatives here so that if you can't use your usual print option you can use one of the other methods to print.

  1. The simplest way to print where your program displays a toolbar with a print button on it is to select the print button.
  2. Most programs have a menu bar at the top and the left most menu is usually the file menu. You will normally find a Print option within this menu.
  3. Where the window doesn't display either a toolbar or menu bar you will still most likely be able to access the print option by holding down the CTRL key and pressing P.

Those are the three standard ways of printing from the program itself. If the program absolutely refuses to let you print from it and you can get the part of the content that you want to display on the screen then you can still print it out by doing a screen print. Pressing the Print Screen button at the top right of your keyboard will print an image of the entire screen. If you hold down the CTRL key when you press the Print Screen key then only the current window will be printed and not the entire screen.

If you want something more flexible for printing in this situation then all you need is a graphics program with a screen capture option (eg. Paint Shop Pro). You can then use the screen capture option to capture the part of the screen displaying what you want to print as a graphic which you can then crop down to just that part that you want to print and then use the print options within the graphics program to print it.

There are so many options for printing out what you can see on the screen that it is impossible for anyone to stop you from being able to print it. If you can see it on your screen, you can print it out.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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