Cleaning up Without Reinstalling Windows

As time goes on a computer running Windows gradually runs slower and slower. No you're not imagining it, the information on the computer gradually gets more jumbled with unused and unneeded programs being loaded in background and the hard disk getting more and more fragmented and clogged with unneeded files and programs.

Some people recommend reinstalling your operating system and applications at regular intervals in order to resolve these problems and that is one way (although a rather drastic one) of cleaning out all of the unnecessary garbage that is clogging your system.

A less drastic alternative is to clean out as much as possible of this garbage without doing a complete reformat and reinstall. The following is a list of some suggested actions which, while they wont get your system as clean and fast running as a reinstall would, will at least take you a good part of the way there. Ensure that you are not running any application programs while carrying out these tasks to avoid conflicts.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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