Star Office

  1. What is Star Office and Where do I get it?
    Where to obtain a copy of Star Office or OpenOffice.
  2. Updating MS Word Documents with Star Office
    You don't need Word to edit a Word document, Star Office can do it too.
  3. Inserting Images in Star Office Documents
    How to add images to documents with Star Office.
  4. Headers and Footers in StarWriter
    How to create page headers and footers in Star Office.
  5. Star Office Patches
    How to obtain and apply patches to Star Office.
  6. Wrong Office Suite
    When you install multiple office suites the one you want as the default may be overridden.
  7. Creating Word Documents With Open Office
    You can create documents that will open correctly in Word using Open Office even though Word can't read Open Office files.
  8. Selecting an Office Suite
    There are now lots of alternative office suites around - a couple of them even started out by branching off from Star Office.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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