1. Creating a web page from Pagemaker
    Pagemaker can create web pages.
  2. Setting Tabs in Pagemaker
    How to change the tab positions in Pagemaker.
  3. Composing for a Specific Printer
    Setting the printer in Pagemaker can affect the layout of the pages.
  4. Moving Objects to the Same Position on Another Page
    A simple way of copying items between pages keeping the position exactly the same.
  5. Global Recomposition
    How you can repair errors in pagemaker files.
  6. Controlling Page Layout with Frames
    You can create page templates using frames and then flow your content into it.
  7. Some Quick Tips on Using Pagemaker
    A list of hints on using Pagemaker.
  8. Rotating Text and Images
    Rotating text blocks or images in Pagemaker is easy. Here are two ways to do it.
  9. Linking and Embedding Images
    You can either link to external images or actually embed them in Pagemaker.
  10. Creating Shapes
    You can create many shapes in Pagemaker.
  11. Printshop Preparation
    Supplying all of the necessary files to a printshop.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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