Paintshop Pro

  1. Preparing an Image for the Internet
    Optimizing images for use on the internet.
  2. Capturing Screen Images
    How to capture a screen image with Paint Shop Pro.
  3. Creating a Thumbnail Image
    Using Paint Shop Pro to create thumbnail images.
  4. Managing Image Folders
    Managing your image folders with Paint Shop Pro.
  5. Textured Text
    Jazz up your page with textured text.
  6. Replacing Text in a Graphic
    How to remove and reinsert text into a graphic.
  7. Manipulating Images
    Some ways to alter images to get the effect you require.
  8. Capturing a Screensaver Image
    How to use Paint Shop Pro to capture a screensaver image.
  9. Adjusting Gamma
    How to get colours appearing as close to correctly as possible on the screen.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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