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Question: I am using adobe acrobat and have created a form to use on a website but I do not understand how to insert the option to email the form. I read your article Using Acrobat to create online forms and it says you can add Print,Submit, and reset buttons on the bottom of form but it does not say how.....Can you help

Answer: To create an email button on an Acrobat form you do the following:

  1. Select the form tool.
  2. Drag the mouse across the area on the form that is to be the button. The field properties box will open.
  3. Fill in the name and description fields and select type Button.
  4. In common properties select Visible but doesn't print so that the button doesn't print as part of the form.
  5. Select the Action tab, select when the button will act eg. "Mouse Up" and select Add.
  6. Select Action Type Submit Form and then Select URL.
  7. Enter the URL where the form should be sent (eg.
  8. Select the format in which the form is to be sent (FDF will probably be easier to read than URL encoded)
  9. Select which fields are to be sent.
  10. Press OK, Set Action, and OK to close all of the dialog boxes.

To create other buttons, the first five steps are the same but you select Reset Form to create a reset button and to create a print button you select Execute Menu Item followed by Edit Menu Item then File then Print.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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