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Question: I am beginning a newspaper. A business that I have been in for 21 years. When I first began there was no computer generated publications, over the years I have learned how to utilize Pagemaker to make the publishing process much easier, but making this publication totally on the computer I have encountered a few difficulties in getting the publication set up for printing.

I am at a loss when it comes to setting up the publication to transfer to CD, to take to the publishing company, they require that the kerning, fonts and graphics in the publication be included. I assumed that all this would be in the publication itself, I assume they need all this separate in case there is a problem with publishing. I do not know how to include these in the package. I am still learning how to operate Pagemaker. And there is a lot I do not know.

Can you help?

Answer: As far as I know the kerning info is stored in the pagemaker file itself.

Graphics may or may not be included in the pagemaker file. To see which are included and which are not check the Link Manager (from the File menu). The Info button should give you the location where external images are stored.

Fonts are never stored in the pagemaker file. The place where the fonts are stored depends on which operating system you are using as it is the operating system that supplies the fonts.

If you go into the Utilities menu and then into Plug-ins you will find a Save for Service Provider option which may produce the output that the publishing company requires. Alternatively you may need to use Save As from the File menu and select either Files required for remote printing or All Linked files. The publishing company should be able to tell you which of these to use.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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