Moving Objects to the Same Position on Another Page

You have spent considerable time aligning one or more objects into the exact position that you want on one page of your Pagemaker document. Now you need to position the object(s) in exactly the same position on another page either within the same document or perhaps even in a totally different document. You can copy and paste the objects so as to move the content to the new page but the paste command offsets the pasted object(s) from their position on the original page. How can you get the alignment exact without having to remanipulate the position of the object(s) after the paste?

The answer to this problem is very simple. Instead of doing a paste we do a paste multiple. This then pops up a dialog box as follows:

paste multiple dialog box

Set to Paste 1 copies and set the Horizontal offset: and Vertical offset: both to 0 mm and click on the OK button. One copy of the previously copied object(s) is pasted into the new page in exactly the same location on the page as on the original page. There is no need to manipulate the position of the object(s) to realign them the same as they were on the original page because they are already aligned that way.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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