Linking or Embedding Images

Pagemaker gives you the option of either linking images to your document or actually embedding them in the document. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. By default images are linked into the document which results in a smaller document but makes the document dependent on the external image files.

Linking an Image

To link an image into your document, first select the pointer tool then go into the File menu and select Place (or press the ctrl and D keys simultaneously).

This brings up an Open Dialog box allowing you to select the image that you want to place into the document. Select the image that you wish to link to and select OK. Now select the place in your document where you want to insert the image.

Don't worry if you get the position wrong as you can always click on the image and drag it to a different position afterwards. Similarly if the image is the wrong size, don't worry because you can click on the image and drag the sizing handles to resize the image to the size that you want (holding down the shift key while you drag to constrain the image proportions.

Embedding a Linked Image

To embed an image, first link to it.

Next go into the File menu and select Links Manager (or press the shift, ctrl, and d keys simultaneously.

Select the image that you want to embed from the list and click Options (or to embed all images yet to be placed into this document click Options without selecting an image).

On the options page that appears select the Store Copy in Publication option (so that it has a check against it). Finally, click OK in both dialog boxes to close them and apply the change.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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