Inserting Images in Star Office Documents

Star Office presents you with more options for inserting images into your documents than most other word processors do. As well as being able to insert images that already exist you can also access the built in image editor directly to create your new image on the spot or if you have a scanner you can scan the image directly into the document.

To insert an image into your Star Office document you need to select Picture from the Insert menu. You will then need to select between From File to insert a pre-existing image file, From Image Editor to create the new image, or Scan and then Acquire to insert an image directly from your scanner.

If you are inserting a picture from a file then you can link to the existing image file rather than embedding the image into your document. To do this select the Link checkbox at the bottom centre of the "Insert Picture" dialog box where you select the image to be inserted.

Once you have the image in your document you need to decide how it should move in relation to the surrounding text. To select this you need to either click on the grey anchor that appears to the left of the image when the image is selected or right click on the image and select anchor from the menu. You can then select to anchor the image To Page which means that the image will maintain a fixed position on the given page and will not move with the surrounding text, To Paragraph which will keep the image with the surrounding paragraph, To Character which will align the text to maintain its relationship with the adjacent character, As Character which will treat the image as a character in the text, and To Frame which will keep the image aligned within the current frame (if you are using frames).

To determine how the surrounding text will wrap around the inserted image right click on the image and select wrap from the menu. You will then be able to select whether the text should wrap around the image and also how it should wrap by selecting between the options that display in that sub-menu. Alternatively you can gain even greater control of how the text wraps by selecting Picture from the right click menu and going to the Wrap page of the picture notebook.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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