Star Office Patches

Question: Where can I obtain patches to fix problems I am having with Star Office and how do I install the patch once I've found it?

Answer: Sun offers a list of all StarOffice Patches that you can download and install to patch your Star Office. The patches are listed by Star Office Version and Operating System. If you want to find a particular patch and you already know the patch number just use the patch finder.

To install a patch you must first exit Star Office. Download the patch and unpack it to the location of your choice. There will be a new folder created containing two files. The first file is a Readme file containing information about the problems that the patch will correct. The second file is an executable file called Update. To install the patch execute the update file. This file is a packed archive of all of the files that need to be patched. Simply select the path to your Star Office and extract the files there. All of the new files will be placed in the correct locations overwriting the old versions.

For further assistance and support visit the Sun Support Centre. Use the search facility part way down the left hand side of the page to search for "StarOffice" to find info related to Star Office.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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