Turning off Unwanted Hyperlinks

When you type in internet addresses into a Word document, they are automatically converted into hyperlinks to the site that they reference. Accidentally clicking on one of these automatically generated links can take you out of your word document to some distant place on the internet.

So how can you stop this happening? You want to be able to treat these addresses as text rather than as links and Microsoft have been considerate enough to provide a way to turn off this feature if you don't want it.

From within Word, you first select Tools from the menu bar and then open the Autocorrect notebook. You want the Autoformat as you type page. Here you will find an option labelled Internet and Network Pathways with Hyperlinks. De-selecting this option and press OK will stop Word from treating your internet addresses as links and let you get on with editing your document.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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