AutoText entries are commonly used phrases that you have stored in Word that you can insert into any word document whenever you need it very quickly and easily without having to retype the entire phrase.

To create an autotext entry you first type the phrase into word and then select it, making sure not to select the paragraph mark at the end of the text. Next select the Insert menu and then the AutoText entry and then select New to save the selected text as a new autotext entry.

In the AutoText dialog box you then enter a name for your autotext and then select OK. A short combination of two or three characters will work best.

To insert the autotext entry into a new location within the same or any other word document you type in the name that you assigned to the entry. Word will then offer the autotext phrase as an alternative to the name typed. You then simply press the F3 key to accept the substitution.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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