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Microsoft Word is not only useful for creating your documents in the first place. Where you need a summary of a document that you have written in Word (for example you have written a ten page document and you need a one page version to let someone know what the main article is about) then Word can create the summary for you.

To get Word to create a summary for you just select Auto Summarize from the Tool menu.

You have four options when asking Word to extract a summary from your document.

  1. You can have Word highlight the key points in the document
  2. You can have Word extract an Executive Summary from the document and have that Summary added to the top of the document itsdelf
  3. Word can create a new document containing the summary, or
  4. Word can hide everything in the document except for the text of the summary.

The other thing that you get to choose when you get Word to summarize your document for you is the length of the summary. The default is 25% of the original document but you can also select 10%, 50% or 75%, 10 or 20 sentences, or less than 100 or 500 words.

Whatever options you select, Word will analyse the content of your document in an attempt to determine the most significant parts of the content. That part which Word decides best describes what the document is about will be identified as the summary.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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