Changing Save Location

By default Microsoft Word (and all of the other Office programs) will use yourMy Documents folder as the location to save any new documents that you create. If you prefer to save your documents in a different ocation you can easily change this default location to any folder on your hard drive.

To do this you need to go into the Tools menu and select Options. This will optn the options dialog box that has a lot of pages of options for configuring your Office programs. Select the File Locations tab to list the options relating to file locations. Next select the Documents entry in the list and then the Modify button.

You can now either type in the location of the folder that you want to use as the default location where you are going to save your documents or alternatively you can simply navigate your way to the desired folder. Once you have the folder identified select the OK button to save the new location information snd then the Close button to close the options dialog.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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