Bookmarks in Word

Microsoft Word provides a means of marking locations within your Word documents that will allow you to return to the marked position at a later time. These markings are called Bookmarks.

To insert a bookmark into your document you first need to position the Insertion Point cursor (the one that looks like an oversized I) at the position where you want the bookmark to be inserted. Next you select Bookmark from the Insert menu to bring up the bookmark dialog box. You can have multiple bookmarks in the same document so you need to give your bookmark an unique name. Select Add to insert your new bookmark into your document.

To return to the spot in your document that you bookmarked at a later time (within the same or any later edit session) you again select Bookmark from the Insert menu but this time you don't have to position the Insertion Point cursor first as we are using the bookmark function to return it to a previously defined position. This time instead of adding a new bookmark name to the list we select the existing entry for the bookmark that we want to return to and then select Go To. The insertion point cursor should be repositioned to where we put it when we first inserted the bookmark and the document should be scrolled so that the position is visible on the screen.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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