Creating Web Pages in WordPerfect

Microsoft Word (unless you use the Word 2000 with the special filter that is available) will write a whole lot of special Microsoft codes into your HTML output that allows the original Word document to be rebuilt. Wordperfect takes an entirely different approach, allowing you to not only create clean HTML code directly out of Wordperfect but allowing you to publish it directly to the web as well. You can even enter Custom HTML tags and other parameters into a Web document and WordPerfect will send that text to HTML without conversion.

Wordperfect gives you a number of options when you are sending your page to HTML. Graphics in the page can either be automatically converted to a format commonly used on the Web or you can specify which file format to use. There is also an option to save headers and footers to separate frames if that is the way that you want to create your site.

So how do you publish your Wordperfect document as an HTML page to either be saved on your own computer or directly to your web site? You just need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Click "File", "Send To", "HTML".
  2. Specify a path and filename in the HTML Source File Name box.
  3. Specify a server in the Publish to Server list box. This server can be a directory on your own computer if you don't want to publish the page directly to your web site.
  4. Click any of the following buttons:
    • Add - adds the information for an additional server
    • Edit - edits the information for a listed server
    • Delete - deletes the selected server from the list
    When the Server Information dialog box appears, you must type a name for the server in the Label box before being able to proceed further.
  5. Choose any multimedia files to be published in the Graphic And Sound Files To Be Published list box.
  6. Once you have selected all of the required options, just click on the Publish button to save your page in HTML format directly to the location specified.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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