Creating PDFs from Wordperfect

Question: How do I convert a Wordperfect file into a PDF file?

Answer:One way to do this is to purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat. This will install a conversion module as one of the "printers" on your computer. You then select to print to that module to create a pdf version of your document. You then have the full features of Acrobat to customize the pdf document if required (to create interactive forms, add notes, etc.). A free alternative way to be able to create PDFs (but not edit them afterwards) is to install the CutePDF Writer which will appear as if it is a printer on your computer - so that by printing to cutePDF you will be able to save a PDF copy of the current document. Both of these alternatives will provide you with a way to create PDFs from any of your applications that have a print option.

Depending on which version of Wordperfect you are running you may also have a wordperfect module available to create pdfs. If the module is installed then you should find an option called Publish to PDF in the File menu. If the option doesn't appear then you can find out if your version of Wordperfect has this option by going into Help and Ask the PerfectExpert how to create pdf. If it has the option and it doesn't appear on the menu then it means that you didn't install it. You will need to do a re-install of Wordperfect and select to install that option.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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