Introduction to Modern HTML

Introduction to Modern HTML Are you just starting out with creating your own web pages? Perhaps you have been writing HTML using the old 20th Century methods and wondering why you can't get your pages to display the same across all the different browsers.

If either of these describes your situation then you need to learn the correct 21st Century way of writing your HTML.

What You Will NOT Learn from this eBook

Those are the old ways of writing HTML that will now result in your pages not displaying correctly in all browsers and which will mean you will have far more work to do every time you want to change the appearance of your site. There is now a much better way that separates the page appearance from the content and makes updating your site much easier.

What You Will Learn from this eBook

The eBook starts with a general introduction to HTML and provides you with the code that all of your pages will need to contain. This is then followed by a series of sections covering the main types of content that you are most likely to need to include in your page and how to code each of those semantically. It concludes with how to link in the separate CSS file that will define how your web pages will look along with links to free online tutorials on how to write your CSS.

Get your copy now for $5.00 (USD).

Others may rip you off by charging as much as ten times this for an eBook on how to write the garbage masquerading as HTML that was used last century before browsers supported the correct way of defining web page appearance but which has no place on the modern web. If you are going to spend even half that much you'd do better to buy a real book on HTML and CSS instead.

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