Excellent value provided that you don't need email and do use Flash.

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I used this ISP and was very impressed by their service for several years since I didn't have any problems during that time at all. The service just worked when I needed it, I could log in as required to check my usage and download invoices, and never went remotely close to using the allowed bandwidth. The service they provide works fine provided that there are not any problems.

When they changed their home page to use flash I simply switched the link I used to access their site to use the non-flash version that they linked via a small link below their huge flash (once I scrolled down far enough to find it).Given the usual impact of using flash as a home page I assume that this is their way of saying that they now have too many people signed up and they want to reduce the number of people using their service rather than looking to get more people to sign up.

The final straw for me with their service was when they shut down my internet access for several hours due to a bogus spam report that they received from AOL (a known source of bogus spam reports). Not only was the email in question not spam (I was replying to a question from the person the email was sent to) but it had also been sent over a month earlier (and hence blocking my access when they did was over a month too late to have any affect if my system had been sending out spam without my knowledge). Also the first response that I got when querying why they thought I was sending out spam was a request to pay a $100 admin fee for the information. Fortunately not all their staff are that stupid and one of the others forwarded me the email that had triggered the bogus spam report so I could see very clearly how stupid some of their staff are.

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