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There are all sorts of techniques that can be used for making a web page load faster and this book offers so many alternatives that you are certain to find something useful.

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The author of this book demonstrates a great deal of knowledge about exactly how the web works and while there are six guest authors who have written certain chapters the entire book is an integrated work and not just a series of approaches. While the implementation of techniques can produce improvements in a web page, those in other chapters can also be implemented in ways so that they complement each other for greater benefit.

The example sites used to demonstrate the techniques the book proposes are ten of the most popular sites on the web and so there is no need for the author to try to explain the theory of why we should do certain things (since their real world use makes it obvious that these techniques really do work). Sufficient explanations are nevertheless provided so that you not only do get to see that these techniques work but you also get enough understanding of why they work to be confident that they will work for your site.

Another very useful aspect to the way the information is presented in this book is that each technique can be implemented as and when required independently of the other techniques making it really easy to progressively implement them as needed. Whatever stage you are at with your web site there should be something in the book that you can implement to improve the way your site performs. Essential reading for anyone who has a web site that receives visits from more than a handful of people.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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