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This book contains a huge number of checklists to help you to improve your web site.

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This is a book that contains a huge number of web "standards". Many of the standards in the book may not have any official standing but then there is no real official sset of standards for writing web pages. The standards that this book puts forward are extremely important for web developers though because each and every one of the standards that the book lists is accompanied by a description of why the standard should be applied. This makes it really easy to determine which of the standards that you should apply to your web pages.

This book takes a practical hands on approach and each of the entries on the various checklists covers something that will have a positive impact on those web sites to which it applies.

The only problem with this book is that there are no summaries of the checklists provided so that even once you have learned why you should apply all of the rules it is still necessary to go through the entire chapter to remind yourself of what all of the rules are.

A useful book for anyone interested in creating a user friendly web site.

More Information from the Publisher

ps. I have been advised by the people at Sitepoint that there are "summarized" versions of all of the checklists in the book that can be downloaded from their site (see the "More Information" link above).

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