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A book on CSS that should be on every web designers bookshelf.

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The biggest two flaws that this book has is that it wasn't published many years ago and not all web designers have a copy of it. There isn't much that can be done about the first of these and the situation regarding the second will resolve itself gradually as more web designers find out about the book and buy a copy. This book goes into great detail on a number of important techniques for styling web pages with CSS that will be useful to anyone creating web pages. The step by step approach not only shows you how to solve the specific layouts that the book covers but also show very clearly the approach to take to resolve the layout of any web page with CSS.

Not only do the examples in the book provide solutions to many real world problems with web page layout but copies of all the code are available to download allowing you to use these solutions for your own web page designs without having to rewrite it. The book sets out a number of clear objectives with respect to liquid layouts, elastic layouts, hybrid layouts, handling space and backgrounds, and even how to make foreground images more flexible and it shows with extremely clear step by step how each of these objectives is achieved. The book even takes into account the earlier steps in the design process and how to prepare all through the design process so that you will not have to backtrack to achieve the desired end result.

No assumptions are made as to what tools you will be using to create your content or what browser that your visitors will be using to access it. Also, while the book deals specifically with flexible layouts, it acknowledges that fixed layouts also exist and may be more appropriate in certain situations.

In the acknowledgements in the front of the book the author thanks a number of really well known people in the field of web design who have inspired and taught her. I am sure that many future works which provide similar acknowledgements will include this author's name in their list.

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